Enjoy be a Teacher

There are so many joys in teaching.you’re learning all the time;no two days are the same;you share endless exciting experiences with your class.people may try to make it boring-the government showers you with initiatives or insist on silly form –filling .but good teachers rise above this sort of nonsense,deal with the bureaucracy as quickly as possible,and concentrate their attention on the children.

It’s worth the effort
Enjoyment is important.if a teacher is having a good time ,the odds are her class will be too,and then they’ll most likely be learning.the less fundamentally interesting the subject  matter,the more important it’s tofind some way of bringing it to life.i remember someone saying of on wonderful colleague,that”she could teach the telephone directory and make it interesting!”.teaching is also one of the most creative of careers.but it’s worh all the effort because there are so many  rewards.every day you see children growing and learning due to your work.every year another class moves on,12 months older,12months more civilised,competent and closer to achieving their dreams.so welcome to teching.surely the most interesting job in the world ,and the most important.what could be more vital than helping to form young minds ?enjoy making the future .enjoy being changed by the children you meet.and enjoy helping them to the brightest possible destination.

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